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Our Houston Personal Injury Lawyers maximize the compensation you receive by fighting insurance companies who, in many cases, want to pay little to nothing for your pain and suffering. Whether you are the victim of a car accident, work accident, dog attack or other negligent act, Herbert Trial Law is ready to advocate for you. 

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Recovering Losses Caused by Serious Injuries

Houston Personal Injury Attorneys: Ready to Win

Severe injuries occur in a broad range of situations. Too often, injury victims take on serious losses. Medical bills, vehicle repairs, debt collectors calling… all while trying to heal physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Recovering losses caused by these injuries can prove even more difficult. Insurance companies won’t pay or try to settle for far less than what you deserve. The mental anguish from dealing with the injuries, time off work and financial stress tend to compound the pain that you never asked for or deserved.

As a Personal Injury Lawyer, our job is to step in the way of insurance companies, make them pay and help you recover from your damages. 

At the law office of Kyle Herbert, we dedicate ourselves to helping victims fight for their rights. As a personal injury lawyer Houston victims depend on, Kyle Herbert strives to ensure that they receive the maximum compensation for their pain and suffering. Our legal team is ready to fight and win your claim.

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Overwhelmed By Choices

“Kyle and his team helped through the entire process and were very understanding of everything I was going through. If you need a accident lawyer in Houston, these are the best people for the job!!”

– K.L.

Types of Personal Injury Claims

Whether your case is worth $10k or a $10 million verdict, you deserve compensation from the insurance company for lost wages, pain and suffering, and your medical bills. We take on a range of cases involving medical malpractice and slip and fall incidents. When another’s negligence causes you harm, call our accident injury law firm. 

Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicle collisions range in severity. However, even seemingly mild accidents can result in property damage and personal injury.


Commercial truck accidents carry the potential for tragedy. Often, these cases prove to be catastrophic and life-changing.


The unfortunate reality many cyclists face is that drivers don’t share the road well. Collisions can lead to severe, lifelong injuries.


When a doctor or their staff acts in negligence, it is the patient that suffers. We are ready to fight for your rights.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one to another’s negligence is an insurmountable loss. 


When drivers don’t respect bikers’ space, motorcycle accidents cause devastating loss.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Generally, drivers know that they face certain risks out on the road. In many cases, people try to drive as safely as possible to protect themselves and others from harm. Unfortunately, there are many individuals who do not ascribe to the same duty of care.

Whether a driver is distracted, aggressive, or in a hurry, they put other drivers and pedestrians in serious danger. These collisions often involve a range of complex factors that many people don’t consider. In order for a victim to receive proper compensation, they need serious legal representation.

Our firm provides experienced representation to victims in a variety of collisions.

Car Accidents

When a collision involves passenger vehicles, there’s a great deal of potential for severe injuries to those involved. Often, the root cause of these accidents is a negligent driver who violated traffic laws or behaved in an unsafe manner. If someone’s negligence caused your accident, you need a personal injury lawyer Houston trusts on your side.

From distracted drivers and drunk drivers to defective parts and dangerous roads, we are ready to fight for the compensation you deserve. Moreover, we only charge contingency fees, so you pay nothing until we win.

Commercial Truck Accidents

At Herbert Trial Law, our Houston personal injury attorneys are available to help victims of commercial truck accidents. These massive vehicles have the potential to inflict severe, even fatal injuries on victims even in seemingly minor wrecks. When an accident happens due to the negligence of a driver or their company, you have rights and options.

With an experienced personal injury lawyer, Houston victims have someone to fight for the compensation they deserve. Our legal team is ready to assist with accidents caused by fatigue, bad weather, equipment failure, driver error, and other forms of negligence.

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“Kyle and his team are phenomenal communicators and will fight for you no matter how small the case is. I will forever be grateful for the help they gave me. 10/10 would recommend to anyone for legal matters.”

– Cassidy

Injured in the Workplace? Call the Personal Injury Attorney Houston Trusts

Whether in a factory, a chemical plant, or out on an oil rig, workers can suffer a broad range of injuries and health issues caused by negligence in the workplace. At Herbert Trial Law, we help victims with workplace injuries pursue claims against employers.

If your employer does not have workers’ compensation insurance, we help you file a claim for compensation. Additionally, we are available to fight for people injured by another company. 

Call a Houston work injury lawyer who is Ready to Win!

We Fight for Accident Victims In Texas

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As Houston personal injury attorneys, we help victims file claims and lawsuits in an array of situations.

When you work with an experienced Houston injury attorney, you have the guidance and representation needed to ensure a smooth process. At our law office, we have decades of experience as personal injury lawyers in Houston, Texas. We leverage our experience and expertise in Texas personal injury laws to advocate for our clients and fight for the compensation they deserve.

Personal Injury Lawyer Houston FAQ

When someone else’s negligence causes you harm, it’s common to feel overwhelmed. Below, we look at some of the most common questions people have as they search for a Houston personal injury law firm. 

“Negligence” is a legal theory utilized in virtually every accident injury claim and lawsuit. Without evidence that someone else’s negligence caused you harm, there’s not always a case. Under this theory, your Houston personal injury attorney can prove that an action or lack of action led to your injury. 

When you want to make an injury claim or file a lawsuit against someone, your attorney bears the following burden of proof. 

  • The other party owed you a “duty of care,” whether that means maintaining a safe environment or driving safely on the road
  • They breached that duty, meaning they actively or passively caused the factors that led to your accident (lack of maintenance, faulty parts, distracted driving, etc)
  • This breach is the factual and legal cause of your accident and your injuries. 

Under Texas law, there’s room for you to seek compensation for the expenses and other “damages” tied to your accident. At Herbert Law Firm, we work on your behalf to fulfill this burden of proof. 

When partnering with a personal injury lawyer, Houston victims need an advocate who understands their cases. Moreover, they need someone ready to fight for their best interests.

When you partner with an experienced attorney serving Houston, you have an advocate bearing the weight of your claim. With a personal injury lawyer Houston trusts, accident victims have someone ready, willing, and able to fight for the compensation they deserve. 

Personal injury claims occur when someone else’s negligence causes an injury. These cases encompass a broad range of practice areas, from motorcycle accidents to slip and fall cases. Additionally, injury attorneys handle wrongful death claims, filed by next of kin after a fatal accident. 

At Herbert Law Firm, we have experience with a wide range of cases involving negligence by drivers, employers, store owners, and more. We understand that every case is unique and that it can be quite overwhelming. 

When you partner with our attorneys, we strive to make the process as painless as possible. Schedule a free consultation with our team today and learn more about your legal options.

Every personal injury claim is subject to the statute of limitations. This rule establishes a deadline for when you need to file your lawsuit with a Texas civil court. When you work with a personal injury lawyer Houston victims trust, you have someone to handle this on your behalf.

If you fail to file your claim within this time period, it is likely that the court will dismiss your claim. Then, you lose your chance to fight for the compensation you need to recover. 

Typically, you have two years from the date of your accident to file a claim. While there are some exceptions to this rule, it is a strict deadline. With a Houston personal injury attorney, you have someone to help you understand the ideal timeline for your case. 

Exceptions to the Statute of Limitations

  • You didn’t discover your injury until later. 
  • Your claim involves a government agency. 
  • You were in a coma and unable to pursue a claim. 

While the statute of limitations seems restrictive, it also provides many benefits to your claim. First, filing before the deadline helps to ensure you have reliable witnesses available for testimony. Additionally, it helps to prevent the evidence supporting your claim from “disappearing” or sustaining other damage before it reaches the courtroom. 

Lastly, when you file a claim soon after your accident, it appears more credible in court. This is because it helps to establish a clear connection between the accident and your injuries. 

To ensure you have someone protecting your best interests, it’s crucial to partner with a personal injury lawyer Houston depends on. Schedule a consultation with Kyle Herbert today to see what we can do for you. 

Personal injury cases rely on the concept of “negligence.” You and your attorney have to build a case that justifies four elements. 

  • The at-fault party owed a duty of care. 
  • They breach their duty of care. 
  • The breach directly caused your injuries. 
  • You can collect damages to recover from these injuries. 

In Texas, you can file a personal injury case against a single individual or multiple parties. Depending on the details of your case, the at-fault party may be a truck driver, a medical professional, a government agency, a manufacturer, or a property owner. 

First, it is essential that you identify the liable party in your lawsuit. To do so, it’s a good idea to work with a personal injury lawyer Houston courts know. Your attorney investigates your claim to gather evidence of negligence and liability. 

When you work with an attorney, you have an advocate with more resources and connections. At Herbert Law Firm, we are always ready to fight for those who suffer due to another’s negligence. Schedule a consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer Houston trusts today.

Everyone has the idea in their head that legal fees are astronomical. When you already have mounting medical debt, lost wages, and repairs to deal with, you may feel like you cannot afford a lawyer. We understand how tempting that can be. 

However, when you work with a personal injury lawyer Houston relies on, they may not be as expensive as you believe. This is because injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. 

At Herbert Law Firm, our attorneys work with a contingency fee system. This helps us limit your out-of-pocket expenses. Moreover, you do not have to pay any legal fees unless we secure a settlement for your claim. 

If we secure your compensation, our fees come from that – never our of your pocket. 

Instead of standard legal fees, we work with you to establish a percentage of the final settlement. This is the payment for our services. Typically, the average fee is about 33%. 

However, this means you pay no upfront costs, surcharges, or deposits to retain legal representation. With Herbert Law Firm, you gain a personal injury lawyer Houston victims trust without having to worry about additional debt. 

Our goal is to fight for you and secure the damages necessary to help you move on with your life. Contact our firm today to schedule a free consultation. Let us show you that we are ready to fight. 

A personal injury accident is any accident caused by the reckless or negligent behavior of another person. Generally, these incidents cover a broad range of accidents, from premises liability cases and work injuries to malpractice lawsuits and motor vehicle collisions.

After such an incident, it’s a good idea to schedule a consultation with a personal injury law firm in Houston, TX. When you work with a personal injury lawyer Houston trusts, you have an advocate on your side. Moreover, you have someone to carry the burden of your claim or lawsuit while you focus on your health and well-being.

Typically, yes, you have the option to seek treatment from your physician after an injury accident. However, there are some situations where an insurance company tries to dictate who assesses your health or treats you. 

This is another reason to reach out to a trusted personal injury law firm in Houston. Your attorney may be able to help you select your own physician. In doing so, you receive the attention and care you need on your own terms. 

To learn more about your rights, schedule a consultation with Kyle Herbert, the personal injury lawyer Houston trusts.

No, it should never matter if you have an existing health condition when you sustain an injury due to another person’s negligence. Your personal injury claim specifically covers injuries sustained in the incident. 

Unfortunately, insurance companies feel differently. Oftentimes, the companies try every tactic imaginable to reduce or deny a claim. When the insurance provider wants to pay you less because you have a pre-existing health condition, contact our Houston personal injury law firm. 

When you have a trusted accident attorney on your side, you have an advocate to fight for your rights. 

You and your loved ones deserve representation from the best Houston personal injury attorney, right? At Herbert Law Firm, we provide representation from a personal injury lawyer Houston victims depend on because our team is always ready to fight for what you deserve. 

Works Hard for Clients
“He definitely knows his stuff and made sure that I too understood what was going on with each phase of my case. Kyle constantly kept me up to date on the progress of my case, I never felt left in the dark or uncertain.”
– Amanda

Aggressive Personal Injury Attorneys in Houston, TX

At Herbert Trial Law, we have a reputation as aggressive Houston personal injury attorneys. We know how to get results for our clients and help them fight for what they need and deserve. After an injury, you need time and space to recover and move forward with your life.

When you have a personal injury lawyer Houston victims trust on your side, you have someone to bear the weight of your claim. As your legal representation, we fight for you while you focus on recovering.

Too often, insurance companies lull victims into complacency with lowball offers and claim that they don’t deserve more. At our firm, we know the value of personal injury claims, and we fight to maximize your settlement offer.

Do you need help recovering compensation after an accident? One of the most important decisions you make is who your hire for your personal injury case. When you want a personal injury law firm that knows how to leverage your case and pursue your best interests.

Call on the personal injury lawyer Houston relies on. Work with Kyle Herbert and his team, and let us put our experience to work for you. Book your free consultation now.

The Benefits of Hiring a Houston Personal Injury Attorney

In personal injury lawsuits and claims, there are many choices that impact your ability to recover financial compensation. When you work with a personal injury lawyer Houston victims trust, it makes the process much easier. Here are just a few of the many benefits of working with our firm.

  • Investigations: We investigate your claim to obtain evidence and witness statements and root out all possible forms of negligence. All these factors are essential for a successful outcome.
  • Communication: Let our attorneys handle all communication with the insurance companies, insurance adjusters, and lawyers involved in your claim. We communicate with everyone on your behalf to provide you with the space you need to recover, providing you with accurate information and legal advice.
  • Filing: In Texas, personal injury claims are subject to a two-year statute of limitations. We ensure you never miss an important deadline in your case by filing claims and lawsuits within time limits.
  • Investigations: We investigate your claim to obtain evidence and witness statements and root out all possible forms of negligence. All these factors are essential for a successful outcome.
  • Litigation: Our attorneys pursue compensation in your claim. Maximizing your settlement is our main goal, and we are ready to fight for your rights and interests.
  • Maximized Results: While no attorney can guarantee success, our Houston personal injury attorneys fight for your best interests. We work to ensure you receive the compensation you need now and in the future.

With an unrivaled commitment to our clients, we hold negligent parties accountable. We never stop striving to provide the best representation possible. If you face legal challenges, contact Kyle Herbert, the personal injury lawyer Houston victims can count on.

Did someone else cause your injury?

When another person’s negligence harms you, a loved one, or a family member, victims have rights. Contact a Houston personal injury attorney who knows how to fight insurance companies. 

Kyle Herbert and his experienced legal team are ready to win the compensation you deserve. From minor falls to fatal truck collisions, schedule a FREE consultation with our team to learn more about your options. 

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