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With an experienced Houston brain injury lawyer on your side, you have an advocate to hold the liable accountable. When someone else’s negligence causes you harm, you have the right to pursue compensation for the medical, emotional, and financial burdens you experience.

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Our Houston personal injury law firm helps victims of negligence pursue accident claims. When you have an experienced attorney on your side, you have someone to ensure that you receive the compensation necessary to cover an array of damages.

From lost wages to property damage, our Houston personal injury lawyer works to maximize your settlement. We strive to ensure every client receives the care and attention they need. At Herbert Trial Law, our legal has the expertise and experience to offer professional representation throughout the Greater Houston Area.

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Herbert Trial Law Handles a Variety of Personal Injury Claims

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As the average Houstonian moves through the city, it’s common to notice the negligent behaviors of others. Whether you see a driver run a red light or a property owner skip steps in repairs, even an honest mistake can lead to an injury.

Throughout Houston, careless drivers cause collisions, and medical professionals fail to fulfill a quality standard of care. Moreover, business owners fail to maintain their properties in a way that protects their customers from mishaps. Unfortunately, severe injuries from these incidents lead to pain, mental trauma, and financial strain.

When an injury is the result of someone else’s negligent behavior, it makes things even worse. However, our Houston brain injury lawyer is ready to hold them accountable. If someone else is careless or reckless, you do not deserve to suffer.

With a skilled Houston injury attorney, you have someone to advocate for the compensation that you deserve. Often, this helps to cover your lost wages, medical bills, and other expenses that result from your injuries. At Herbert Trial Law, we strive to maximize your settlement when we take on your case.
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What Causes These Accidents?

When you talk to our Houston brain injury lawyer, you’ll quickly understand that we’ve seen it all. Many scenarios lead to an accident that causes harm to another person. While some scenarios are more common, they often tie back to the matter of negligence.

The skilled legal team at Herbert Trial Law is ready to fight for your future. When you suffer injuries due to another person’s negligence, you need a personal injury attorney who is ready to fight. At Herbert Trial Law, we take pride in our dedication to our clients and the services we offer.

Our goal is not only to win your claim. Above all, we want to secure the settlement you need to move forward with your life. When negotiations fall apart, we are never afraid to take the fight to court.

Schedule a free consultation with our team today to learn more about your legal options. While it’s not possible to guarantee a specific financial outcome, our Houston injury lawyer investigates every avenue of your claim to pursue your best interests. Moreover, we help you hold the negligent individuals accountable.

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Head Injuries & Traumatic Brain Injuries

Oftentimes, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is the result of a strong force that pulls your body in different directions or a blow to the head. Unfortunately, these are common occurrences in car accidents, truck accidents, and premises liability claims.

However, our Houston brain injury lawyer has the expertise and experience to pursue your best interests. Too often, people with TBI do not realize they suffered an injury until much later. Eventually, they begin to experience memory loss or sense difficulties and limitations.

After any accident, it is essential that you seek medical attention to uncover these issues and begin treatment as soon as possible. If your doctor refers you to a neurologist or psychologist, it is crucial to take the situation seriously.

Additionally, if your doctor administered a Glasgow coma scale or diagnosed you with a concussion, it is important to take extra care and ensure you heal properly. Without proper treatment, a head injury can have a serious impact on our life.

Signs of Traumatic Brain Injury

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Common signs of a brain injury include memory loss, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, confusion, an inability to recall the events underlying the injury, and inappropriate emotional responses. Moreover, an often-overlooked sign is a mood swing. For instance, someone might misplace their car keys and fly into an atypical, disjointed mood.

If you or a loved one struggles with mood swings or the symptoms listed above, contact your physician or neurologist as soon as possible. A TBI can lead to tearing and bruising in the tissue of the brain. Often, this comes with many consequences with the potential to alter your life.

  • Cognitive impairment
  • Behavioral changes
  • Confusion
  • Chronic headaches

Unfortunately, these cases cover a broad range of injuries. While some minor cases result in temporary memory loss, others cause a permanent loss of function, leading someone to require help with day-to-day tasks. That’s why it is so crucial to seek medical evaluation when you have any type of head injury.

At Herbert Trial Law, our Houston brain injury lawyer has experience with brain injury claims. Our legal team works with your physician and other medical professionals to ensure your treatment is handled. Often, these claims arise from workplace accidents, electrocution cases, minor car wrecks, serious car wrecks, and a variety of other types of cases.

Across the board, the most important factor is to evaluate the injury and develop medical evidence that links the brain trauma to a specific incident. However, these injuries are difficult to spot and even more difficult to explain.

That’s why our Houston spine injury lawyer builds your case in a way that is accessible and understandable. Whether we settle in negotiations or take the case to court, our team is ready to advocate for your future.

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“He definitely knows his stuff and made sure that I too understood what was going on with each phase of my case. Kyle constantly kept me up to date on the progress of my case, I never felt left in the dark or uncertain.”
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Neck, Back, and Spine Injuries

Whether you sustain the injury in an auto accident or the workplace, a spinal cord injury is always tricky. One small fracture can mean the difference between your ability to work, complete daily tasks, and socialize. At Herbert Trial Law, our Houston brain injury lawyer understands the devastating impact of back injuries.
Moreover, we are here to help. In 2017, our lead attorney Kyle Herbert suffered compressions fracture at two levels. After months of physical therapy, he re-learned to walk.

Today, our firm dedicates itself to helping victims of other people’s negligence. When someone else’s negligence causes you harm and alters your life, you have options.

Often, the cost of treatment for these injuries coupled with lifestyle changes becomes extremely expensive. In some cases, they reach into the millions of dollars for lifetime care. Recovery from an injury like this takes commitment.

That’s why you need a Houston spine injury lawyer who understands the pain and the struggle. If you or a loved one suffers an injury caused by someone else, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Contact our Houston personal injury law firm today to speak with an attorney about your legal options.

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