Episode 72 – Herrick Sovany Navigating Medical Malpractice

2024-05-24, Kyle Herbert

Join hosts Peter Taaffe, Bill Ogden, and special guest Will Moye on The Dirty Verdict as they explore the complex world of medical malpractice with their esteemed guests, Herrick Sovany. This episode offers a thorough examination of the intricacies and challenges faced by legal professionals in these fields, sharing expert insights and real-world experiences.

Main Points:

Introduction to Guests: Herrick Sovany, a seasoned medical malpractice lawyer, and Will Moye, who brings a blend of litigation expertise.
Exploring Medical Malpractice: Herrick discusses the evolution of medical malpractice law, the impacts of legislative changes, and strategies for navigating the current legal landscape.
Insights into Corporate Compliance: Will shares his journey from handling corporate compliance to litigating in this space, highlighting the complexities and international aspects of the field.
Real Case Discussions: Both guests share notable cases they have handled, detailing the challenges and outcomes that shaped their careers.
Legal Advice and Strategies: Practical advice for young lawyers entering these fields, including how to handle complex cases and the importance of understanding both local and international regulations.
Q&A Segment: The hosts and guests answer listener-submitted questions, providing further clarity on topics covered and advice on legal matters.
This episode is a must-listen for both legal professionals and anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes workings of medical malpractice and corporate law.