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Talk to our Houston academic dishonesty lawyer when you face charges from a Texas college or university. The implications of these charges reach far beyond your campus.

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What Is Academic Misconduct?

When someone requests disciplinary records from an academic institution, they are required to provide them. If you have charges of academic misconduct on your record, it can ruin your chances of graduation, academic advancement, and your hopes for a career.

Most professional organizations have the ability to access these records in addition to your field. This has the potential to limit or prevent your ability to participate and network in your field.

Moreover, with academic misconduct on your record, it limits your chances of entering a prestigious graduate school, law school, business school, medical school, or engineering program.

Even when you don’t plan to pursue a secondary degree, private employers exercise extensive due diligence when they interview potential candidates. Additionally, government agencies have a long history of examining disciplinary records as they review new recruits.

10 Crucial Minutes Make All the Difference

    The mere accusation of violating the academic integrity code of your university has a long-lasting impact. That alone should be enough for you to have a vested interest in fighting these charges.

    With the help of an experienced Houston academic dishonesty lawyer, Texas students have a better chance to defend themselves against this scar on their permanent records.

    What Can A Lawyer Do?

    When you work with an attorney from Herbert Trial Law, we help you understand your situation. Then, our top priority is to build a defense to combat the charges against you. Often, we handle these cases on a flat fee instead of an hourly rate.

    That means you know upfront what to expect from your spend. To learn more, schedule a free consultation with our team. Call 713-987-7100 now to gain a better understanding of your rights and options.

    Academic Dishonesty Consequences

    Unfortunately, the 1974 Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) does not provide students as much protection as they often believe. Oftentimes, it prevents institutions from releasing student information without the consent of the student. However, it does not prevent them from releasing your records to a variety of parties.

    Moreover, these parties often have the ability to impact your future employment or educational opportunities. In terms of your future education, these entities have the right to access your disciplinary records despite FERPA protections.

    • School officials
    • Any school you transfer to
    • Specified officials who audit or evaluate your candidacy
    • Organizations related to financial aid for education

    Additionally, many government entities have the right to request your records. These records detail any findings related to your academic misconduct.

    • Accrediting organizations
    • Judge orders or subpoenas
    • Health and safety officials
    • State and local authorities

    In the right circumstances, these officials and organizations have the ability to access your records. That’s why it is essential that you defend yourself against these charges. With our Houston academic dishonesty lawyer on your side, you have an advocate to preserve your record.

    Two-Year Schools

    • Houston Community College
    • San Jacinto College
    • Graduate and Professional Schools
    • South Texas College of Law
    • Baylor College of Medicine
    • UTMB
    • UH College of Law
    • TSU Law School
    • UT Health Science Center at Houston – McGovern Medical School
    • UH Medical School

    Four-Year Schools

    • University of Houston
    • UH – Clear Lake
    • Rice University
    • Texas Southern University
    • St. Thomas University
    • Houston Baptist University

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    Defend Yourself With the Help of a Houston Academic Dishonesty Lawyer

    Under FERPA, your main benefit as a student is that you have the right to demand a formal hearing. This offers you a chance to amend your academic record. When a school refuses to update your record, you have a right to a hearing.

    With a Houston academic dishonesty lawyer on your side, this allows you to make your case for amendment or expungement. However, it is crucial that you work with an experienced attorney. Backed by our experience and expertise, you have a much better opportunity to succeed.

    Oftentimes, students lose hope when an institution accuses them of cheating. Typically, they assume all they can do is comply with an investigation or confess to some role in alleged academic fraud.

    However, these charges put your future in jeopardy. When you partner with Herbert Trial Law, we strive to protect your rights and your future.

    Tireless Representation for Texas Students

    Across the world, people recognize Houston for the quality of its educational institutions. From 4-year programs at Rice, UH, TSU, St. Mary’s, and others to our extensive community college systems, our city provides its people with access to quality education.

    Moreover, Houston is home to some of the finest graduate programs in the country, covering law and medicine to business and engineering. Across industries, Houston attracts the brightest minds from around the globe.

    When one simple charge can put these bright minds in jeopardy, our Houston academic dishonesty lawyer offers a defense against unfair accusations. Schedule a free consultation with our legal team today.

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